Manufacturing Electrical Contacts in Any Quantity

When you are at the stage in product development where you are getting ready to go into live production and are in need of electrical contact parts and assemblies, you may be at a loss as to where to turn. After all, you not only need a constant supply of these items, you need a supplier you can rely on to deliver them in a timely manner to mesh with your production schedules. What you need is a recognized market leader for the supply of these electrical contacts with a long track record of reliability.

You will want to find a manufacturer of electrical contacts that has been known globally for their products, processes, and their quality. Having produced literally billions of rivets, stampings, contact tape, welded, staked and brazed assemblies, a company like can help you with your necessary parts and assemblies in whatever quantities you may need them. To learn more about how they may be able to serve you with electrical and bimetal contacts, visit their website .


Electric Contacts

In addition to large-scale manufacturing of electrical contact parts, you are probably looking for a manufacturer that can help with other services as well. If you are in need of a low volume of service parts or are still developing your products and do not really need mass manufacturing, there are many manufacturers able to assist you.. There is no reason to be paying for automated assembly tooling for such small quantities when you can take advantage of semi automated and manual assembly capabilities to create what you need as you go. If your start-up business is in need of help with ROHS compliance, various methods of cost reduction, product design, solving performance problems, and system troubleshooting, find a manufacturer who can offer their expert assistance.

Because of product diversity, there is a manufacturer who can not only offer products such as ultra-small, precision metal components utilizing their unique MICROmfg™ cold forming technology, but are also recognized as a global market leader in the invention and application of custom precious bimetal contact alloys as well as precision machined, stamped, insert molded, and even wire-formed components for their diverse global customer base. With such a vast array of products and services to provide their clients, you should visit to get a better idea of how they may be able to assist you and your business.


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